2023          Last Movies
2022–        The Lock-In
2021–22    Important Books (or, Manifestos Read by Children)
2021          Dear John / The Public Servant’s Favourite
2021          Revolutionary List (4)
2020          Revolutionary List (3)
2020          The Film Not The Country
2019          Festival of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
2019          Revolutionary List (2)
2019          Revolutionary Stamp
2019          Nidder
2018          Revolutionary List (1)
2018          Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales 2.0
2018          Purge Royal Standard Flag
2018          Hotel Bardo 

2023          Last Movies
Last Movies remaps the century of cinema according to the final films watched by a selection of its cultural icons, giving an audience the opportunity to ‘see what those who see no longer last saw’.

Last Movies is a multimedium artwork; screening series and publication (Tenement Press, 2023). Its first public expression was ‘Towards the Last Movies’, a durational screening event at Batalha Centro do Cinema, Porto (PT), 29-30 April 2023. Programme notes written by Erika Balsom can be viewed here. Last Movies premieres in New York City (USA) and London (UK) in November 2023.