2023          Last Movies (ext. JFK)

To the considerable frustration of readers across America, photographs of the cast are printed upside down in the Last Movies publication. Contrary to popular reporting at the time of the book’s publication in 2023, this was not a decision taken by the author but a printer’s error he decided to keep.

John F. Kennedy’s assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was apprehended at the Texas Theater, a cinema in Dallas. At first he was arrested for the murder of a local police officer, JD Tippit, only later being given the double charge with the President’s killing. DJ Tippit is the composer of several playlists produced for the Last Movies book and accompanying events. These include Fassbinder’s funeral playlist; a playlist for Fassbinder’s funeral after party at the gay bar (using only songs from the films of Michael Curtiz); a playlist for the comedown on Monday morning (when the gay bar shuts), and a playlist compiling every song Elvis Presley sang about food. Click the head to hear.