2021–22    Important Books (or, Manifestos Read by Children)
May 2021–May 2022 at Whitechapel Gallery


86. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake (Girl, 10, Salford)

85. Manifesto for the Natural Death of the Work of Art by Frieder Rusmann (Girl, 9, Shropshire)

84. Manifesto of Equals by Sylvain Maréchal (Girl, 9, Brent)

83. Polypoetry Manifesto by Enzo Minarelli (Boy, 9, West Midlands)

82. Prairie Fire Manifesto [excerpt] by the Weather Underground (Girl, 9, Brent)

81. Realist Manifesto by Gustave Courbet (Boy, 10, West Midlands)

80. AfriCobra Manifesto by Jeff R. Donaldson (Girl, 9, Brent)

79. Radical Artists’ Manifesto by Arp, Baumann, Eggeling, Giacometti, Helbig, Hennings, Janco, Morach, Richter
(Boy, 9, West Midlands)

78. #Accelerate Manifesto: For an Accelerationist Politics [excerpt] by Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek (Girl, 9, Brent)

77. Feminist Manifesto by Mina Loy (Girl, 9, Brent)

76. Free International University Manifesto by Joseph Beuys and Heinrich Böll (Girl, 10, Salford)

75. The Living Theatre Declaration (Boy, 9, West Midlands)

74. Vigilanti Curi: On Motion Pictures by Pope Pius XI (Girl, 9, Brent)

73. V. Vale’s New Year’s Resolutions 2011 (Girl, 9, Brent)

72. Manifesto in a Clear Language by Antonin Artaud (Girl, 10, Salford)

71. The Use of Free Time by The Situationist International (Girl, 9, Shropshire)

70. On the Art of the Cinema by Kim Jong-il (Girl, 10, Salford)

69. Bust by IT (Boy, 10, North London)

68. Aruša Theatre Manifesto (Girl, 9, Shropshire)

67. Manifesto 190199 by Samantha du Raeno / babel (Girl, 9, Shropshire)

66. Where BIT’s At by BIT Information Servive (Boy, 9, North London)

65. Futurist Manifesto by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (Girl, 10, Salford)

64. No More Nations by B.A.M.N. (By Any Means Necessary) (Boy, 11, South Yorkshire)

63. Singles Manifesto by Marie Edwards (Girl, 9, Cambridgeshire)

62. Manifesto by Willem van Spronsen (Boy, 10, North London)

61. Arson News: The Day of the Triffids by Anonymous (Boy, 9, North London)

60. Manifesto Prole Art by Theo Van Doesburg (Girl, 10, West Yorkshire)

59. Black Manifesto by the National Black Economic Development Conference (Girl, 8, East London)

58. Dark Mountain Manifesto by Dougald Hine and Paul Kingsnorth (Girl, 10, West Yorkshire)

57. Situationist Manifesto by Guy Debord (Boy, 11, South Yorkshire)

56. Indictment Speech by Jerry Rubin (Boy, 9, North London)

55. A Slap in the Face of Public Taste by David Burliuk, Alexander Kruchenykh, Vladmir Mayakovsky, Victor Khlebnikov (Boy, 11, South Yorkshire)

54. Ecosex Manifesto (2.0) by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens (Boy, 9, North London)

53. Women in the Year 2000 by Carolee Schneemann (Girl, 9, Cambridgeshire)

52. Industrial Society and Its Future by Ted Kaczynski (Boy, 10, North London)

51. The Book of Revelation [excerpt] by St. John (Girl, 9, Shropshire)
(full two-hour recording to premiere on Resonance FM on Christmas day at 2pm GMT;
recording also subject to a limited release by purge.xxx)

50. The Theatre and the Plague by Antonin Artaud (Boy, 11, South Yorkshire)

49. Manifesto of the Paris Commune’s Federation of Artists (Girl, 9, Shropshire)

48. Dialectics of Liberation by The Institute for Phenomenlogical Studies, London (Boy, 9, West Midlands)

47. The Turner Prize by The Stuckists (Girl, 10, Salford)

46. Maxims and Arrows by Friedrich Nietzsche (Girl, 10, West Yorkshire)

45. A Familiar Preface by Joseph Conrad (Girl, 10, West Yorkshire)

44. We Hold the Rock by Indians of All Tribes (Girl, 8, East London)

43. Truisms by Jenny Holzer (Girl, 9, Cambridgeshire)

42. Manifesto of Lettrist Poetry by Isidore Isou (Girl, 10, Salford)

41. Four Changes by Gary Snyder (Girl, 9, Cambridgeshire)

40. Jollywood Manifesto by Ciné Institute, Haiti (Girl, 9, Brent)

39. Statement of Principles by Maya Deren (Girl, 9, Brent)

38. Metaphors on Vision by Stan Brakhage (Girl, 8, East London)

37. Prolegomena for All Future Cinema by Guy Debord (Girl, 9, Brent)

36. Anti-100 Years of Cinema Manifesto by Jonas Mekas (Girl, 8, East London)

35. Statement by Kenneth Anger (Girl, 9, Brent)

34. Barefoot Filmmaking Manifesto by Sally Potter (Girl, 10, Salford)

33. The Vow of Chastity by Lars von Trier & Thomas Vinterberg (Girl, 9, Shropshire)

32. Manifesto for Coexistence in Film and Life by Andrea Luka Zimmerman (Girl, 8, East London)

31. Digital Dekalogo by Khavn (Boy, 9, North London)

30. Minnesota Declaration by Werner Herzog (Girl, 11, West Yorkshire)

29. Against Lists by Elena Gorfinkel (Girl, 9, Cambridgeshire)

28. The Combahee River Collective Statement (Girl, 8, East London)

27. Communiques 7 + 8 by The Angry Brigade (Girl, 9, North London)

26. Manifesto by Agnes Denes (Girl, 9, Shropshire)

25. WITCH Manifesto by Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell (Boy, 9, North London)

24. Revolution in Dreams by (By) Any Means Necessary (Boy, 10, North London)

23. #AltWoke Manifesto by ANON (Boy, 10, North London)

22. Museum of Loneliness by Chris Petit (Girl, 6, Kent)

21. Dada Manifesto by Francis Picabia (Girl, 6, Kent)

20. Dada Manifesto by Hugo Ball (Girl, 11, West Yorkshire)

19. A Declaration from the Poor Oppressed People of England by Gerrard Winstanley (Boy, 11, South Yorkshire)

18. Manifesto (Architecture & War) by Lebbeus Woods (Girl, 10, Salford)

17. 100 Impossible Artworks by Dora García (Girl, 9, Shropshire)

16. BLAST [excerpt] by Wyndham Lewis (Boy, 9, North London)

15. Wear Sunscreen by Mary Schmich (Girl, 6, Kent)

14. Skull Trepanation by Hugo Bart Huges (Boy, 10, North London)

13. Pandrogeny Manifesto by Breyer P-Orridge (Girl, 11, West Yorkshire)

12. Auto-Destructive Art by Gustav Metzger (Girl, 9, Cambridgeshire)

11. Anarchy & The Sex Question by Emma Goldman (Girl, 10, Salford)

10. Cinema Manifesto by Stavros Tornes (Boy, 11, South Yorkshire)

9. The Theatre of Cruelty (First Manifesto) by Antonin Artaud (Boy, 11, South Yorkshire)

8. Ten-Point Program (Black Panther Party Platform) by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale (Girl, 8, East London)

7. SCUM Manifesto [excerpt] by Valerie Solanas (Boy, 9, North London)

6. Abolish Restaurants [excerpt] by Prole (Boy, 10, North London)

5. Women’s Art: A Manifesto by Valie Export (Girl, 9, Cambridgeshire)

4. The Cosmic Redistribution Service by The Cosmic Redistribution Service [under the auspices of The Mayor's Committee for Civic Renaissance, The Free City Planning Council and with the co-operation of Grandma Shulman's Food Distribution Kibbutzim] (Girl, 9, Shropshire)

3. Ban The Bomb (Brussels Provocation No. 1) by Provo / The Provo Liquidation Committee (Boy, 9, West Midlands)

2. Sojourner Truth’s speech delivered to the Women’s Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio, 1851 (Girl, 6, Kent)

1. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels (Boy, 8, South East London)