by Stanley Schtinter. May 2021–May 2022 at
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Important Books (or, Manifestos Read by Children)
25. WITCH Manifesto by Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell (Boy, 9, North London)

24. Revolution in Dreams by (By) Any Means Necessary (Boy, 10, North London)

23. #AltWoke Manifesto by ANON (Boy, 10, North London)

22. Museum of Loneliness by Chris Petit (Girl, 6, Kent)

21. Dada Manifesto by Francis Picabia (Girl, 6, Kent)

20. Dada Manifesto by Hugo Ball (Girl, 11, West Yorkshire)

19. A Declaration from the Poor Oppressed People of England by Gerrard Winstanley (Boy, 11, South Yorkshire)

18. Manifesto (Architecture & War) by Lebbeus Woods (Girl, 10, Salford)

17. 100 Impossible Artworks by Dora García (Girl, 9, Shropshire)

16. BLAST [excerpt] by Wyndham Lewis (Boy, 9, North London)

15. Wear Sunscreen by Mary Schmich (Girl, 6, Kent)

14. Skull Trepanation by Hugo Bart Huges (Boy, 10, North London)

13. Pandrogeny Manifesto by Breyer P-Orridge (Girl, 11, West Yorkshire)

12. Auto-Destructive Art by Gustav Metzger (Girl, 9, Cambridgeshire)

11. Anarchy & The Sex Question by Emma Goldman (Girl, 10, Salford)

10. Cinema Manifesto by Stavros Tornes (Boy, 11, South Yorkshire)

9. The Theatre of Cruelty (First Manifesto) by Antonin Artaud (Boy, 11, South Yorkshire)

8. Ten-Point Program (Black Panther Party Platform) by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale (Girl, 8, East London)

7. SCUM Manifesto [excerpt] by Valerie Solanas (Boy, 9, North London)

6. Abolish Restaurants [excerpt] by Prole (Boy, 10, North London)

5. Women’s Art: A Manifesto by Valie Export (Girl, 9, Cambridgeshire)

4. The Cosmic Redistribution Service by The Cosmic Redistribution Service [under the auspices of The Mayor's Committee for Civic Renaissance, The Free City Planning Council and with the co-operation of Grandma Shulman's Food Distribution Kibbutzim] (Girl, 9, Shropshire)

3. Ban The Bomb (Brussels Provocation No. 1) by Provo / The Provo Liquidation Committee (Boy, 9, West Midlands)

2. Sojourner Truth’s speech delivered to the Women’s Rights Convention in Akron, Ohio, 1851 (Girl, 6, Kent)

1. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels (Boy, 8, South East London)