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2018          Dreamachine

The DREAMACHINE is a free technology designed by Brion Gysin and Ian Sommerville, intended to assist everyone in seeing according to their own, infinite means. It was counterintuitive then (in 2017) to make a film out of it—but somebody had to*.

To incorporate the DREAMACHINE, ticketed (!), into the nationalist propaganda machine of Britain’s far-right regime—as have the Collective Act of Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Jon Hopkins, Assemble, et al, for ‘Unboxed’ in 2022—is a shameful assault on the generosity and liberation of Gysin’s vision, and the visionary potential he saw in everyone**.

Plans for creating your own DREAMACHINE can be downloaded here for free.

    Stanley Schtinter, 2022

*Dreamachine is part of the expanded cinema project known as Hotel Bardo. The film is directed by Stanley Schtinter with cinematography by Louis Benassi, custom-made rig by Tony Hill and sound by Vindicatrix. 16mm film processed by Kodak with post-production completed at the Atelier 105 residency, Light Cone (Paris)

**...not only a shameful assault, but foolish too considering that the commissioning festival had already happened: see Festival of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (2019)