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2021          Revolutionary List (4)
La Biennale di Venezia’s history of exhibiting artists is the focus of the fourth Revolutionary List. The List’s reference is a book published by the Biennale in 2019 and withdrawn by the Museos de la Bomba e Soledad in the years 2020-21. It is stored and travels in a Revelation-branded suitcase, with an ex-tourism air-conditioned poster presumed to depict Venice Lagoon.

An accompanying audio recording taken in Venice on the date La Biennale was scheduled to launch, April 23 in 2021, witnesses the composition of the list and the sound of ‘distant pipes’ (names beginning with “A” are published by purge.xxx in a limited physical edition). The work was commissioned by Cedric Fauq for the Governmental Fires exhibition at Futura in Prague, delivered late by arrangement and exhibited only on the final day of the show.