2021          Dear John / The Public Servant’s Favourite
2021          Important Books (or, Manifestos Read by Children)
2021          Revolutionary List (4)
2020          Revolutionary List (3)
2020          The Film Not The Country
2019          Festival of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
2019          Revolutionary List (2)
2019          Revolutionary Stamp
2019          Nidder
2018          Revolutionary List (1)
2018          Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales 2.0
2018          Purge Royal Standard Flag
2018          Hotel Bardo

2020          Revolutionary List (3)
Glastonbury Festival was established in 1972 and cancelled in 2020. Observing the original dowsing line of Glastonbury’s ‘Pyramid Stage’, an Angel in the employ of the Revolutionary List project celebrates the festival’s absence by reciting the names of each and every act to have performed in the event’s 50 year history (with the exception of the first year when tickets and milk were free), on the time and date 2020’s festival gates would have opened.