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2019          Revolutionary List (2)
2019          Revolutionary Stamp
2019          Nidder
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2018          Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales 2.0
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2019          Revolutionary List (2)
The BA 100 are 100 people selected by British Airways* to mark the company’s 100th anniversary. According to BA these people ‘represent the values we want to celebrate’. The Revolutionary List project exists to resolve problems like the BA 100.

The Revolutionary List project is seeking a Volunteer who will intercept this dossier and interpret it creatively and firmly to a degree of completion. To receive the dossier the Volunteer should arrive at 15:30 on Sunday October 6 at the Ankerwycke Yew. The Volunteer should approach the man wearing the #deathGeneration baseball cap and request from him ‘End Times Healing’.

*British Airways is a flight operator owned by IAG, a Spanish company registered in the UK for tax purposes. Its largest single shareholder is Qatar Airways.