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2019          Nidder
Escalation of nuclear tensions results in the destruction of America’s most important military surveillance base, located in Nidder dale (England). In the months following the attack, a Sufi Islamic Brotherhood begin work on an album of music in tribute to the people and landscape formerly known as Nidder dale. This film explores the making of the album, with Lindis Percy, a prominent peace campaigner and midwife; Geoff Workman, a man who spent 105 days in one of the vast cave networks underneath the dale ‘to study the effects of darkness and the absence of time on people’, and the Hameed Brothers.

Text on Nidder by Gareth Evans, adjunct curator of moving image at Whitechapel Gallery, available here. With thanks to the generous support of Upper Nidderdale Landscape Heritage Partnership, Nidderdale Visual Arts and Arts Council England.


(samples from Nidder)